Medical Videos


20 October 2010 Bronchoscopy
Film of bronchoscopy showing collapse of the trachea, both main bronchi, and lower airways. It was done in late October, five weeks after Rachel’s tracheobronchoplasty.


22 November 2010 Bronchoscopy
Bronchoscopy 11-22-2010 showing metal airway (tracheal) stent encased in cemented secretions. Acetylcysteine (Mucomyst) was used in an attempt to loosen the secretions.


29 November 2010 Bronchoscopy
Bronchoscopy to look at stent treating tracheobronchomalacia. Mucomyst and Pulmozyme were used to break up secretions, but shortly after this, Rachel was rushed to her airway specialist to get it removed as the granulation tissue was growing in way too much.

6 December 2010 Bronchoscopy

Bronchoscopy showing metal tracheal stent with granulation tissue at the distal end. This requires it to come out as soon as possible and they will have to debride the tissue in order to remove the stent.

20 December 2010 Bronchoscopy

Bronch to check vocal chords and the healing progress of granulation tissue in the airway.


Trying to Breathe

Coughing in ICU:


At Least a dozen times a day:


Coughing Jag:
This is a short clip of one of Rachel’s coughing jags that last for hours… and it isn’t as bad as they get.


In Rachel’s Own Words
Rachel sends this message from the hospital today.